This is a link to a nice online Bible tool that has a dozen plus translations on line, with interlinear and more:

A description of it can be found here.

The Aramaic / Syriac Peshitta Text version (English translation):

And a description of it.

The Latin Vulgate (with parallel English):

Many of the very old text sources, the originals from which the composite translations are typically constructed, are described here including various analysis and commentary:

Including the Masoretic which these folks have some complaints about (that on first look seem well founded):

The first site link can give a Masoretic text if you set things right. It uses the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia copy with this link:

And as the WLC Westminster Leningrad Codex:

And the Aleppo Codex here:

All three of them in Hebrew.

Then there is the Septuagint online here in Greek:

and here in Greek / English parallel:

The also seem to think that their Greek version is the most accurate:

Elpenor’s edition of the original Greek (Koine) text of the New Testament, coming from Byzantium and being used until our days in Greek-speaking Orthodox Churches, can be regarded as the most authoritative form of the Bible.

But I’ve not looked into “from whence it originates”… but at least it won’t have a lot of ‘translation’ issues, as the New Testament was largely (all?) originally written in Greek. Uses the King James as the parallel English:

There is an English translation of the Septuagint here as a PDF download:

As I encounter things, I’ll add links to online texts for Gnostic, Dead Sea Scrolls, Koran, Veda’s and any other Wisdom Texts that look interesting.

A somewhat different interlinear Greek / English is available from the first site, with some settings, that gives an Apostolic Bible Polyglot text:

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  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    I was wondering if there was anything new here and I find you have snuck a page in. ;-)
    As we approach the Spring Equinox I must plan a spring offering. The gardens are greening ( mostly weeds) planting started, pruning finished and the first new strawberries are filling.
    I must give thanks for the Carbon Cycle of Life. pg

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