This is a place to appreciate that we are all Carbon Based Life. While our ultimate energy source is the Sun, and many religions have involved Sun Worship, it is through Carbon that we gain that energy, and gain life. It is Carbon that gives form to our life, and animates it, and us. We will still pay homage to the Sun, and it forms the basis of our Church Calendar, but our main focus is on the sanctity of life and the Sacred Carbon that embodies life.

Everything on this site is covered by copyright. Excerpts can be used for Fair Use purposes, but please ask if you wish to copy or use significant sized parts. Any example rituals may be copied for personal use, and individuals may also copy directions or examples for things such as making an altar, or preparing a particular Burnt Offering, for personal use. Commercial use is specifically denied. You can use and share rituals and methods and even prayers; but they must be given freely, not for commercial purposes.

Carbon is Sacred to life itself.

Sacred Carbon forms an important center of our total life, and thus our spiritual life.

Celebrating Carbon Life is an important aspect of our theology.

Liberating trapped carbon from the death of rocks, coal, oil, and dead wood is a holy sacrament, freeing that Sacred Carbon to once again enter the Great Carbon Cycle, and return to life; return again to give life to us.

Typical rituals involve the use of a carbon based fire or energy source to create a Burned Offering. This can be meat, or plants. Sanctified with fire, then returned to life by incorporation into your being. A Wave Offering is also held aloft, praised for the contribution to life, and similarly incorporated into your being, returning that Sacred Carbon to life in you. (While wine is recommended, any carbon containing beverage can be used, including beer or carbonated soft drink. Even carbonated mineral water. If nothing else is available, plain water can be used in an emergency, but is discouraged.)

Over time, various teachings from various ancient texts, and some modern, will be added as part of the Wisdom Teachings. This is a syncretic and inclusive religion. Good thoughts and good wisdom from many sources, joined in one. Practitioners are encouraged to bring to their life journey rituals and experiences from other traditions and other religions. Nothing prevents, for example, a Christian from celebrating our Winter Solstice holiday as Christmas, nor a Jew from celebrating it as Hanukkah. It is the same time of year, the same celestial alignment, and the same time to share and embrace life and family. Just say a brief thanks for the Carbon that brings life to all of us, and that is enough. (Well, that and perhaps a nice holiday feast with Wave Offerings and Burnt Offerings.) Similarly, a German Pegan can call the same time period Yule, burn the Yule Log, and be at peace with both traditions.

For those wondering:

I am an ordained Minister, through the Universal Life Church. ULC. I also hold an Honorary Doctor Of Divinity and have been granted a Ph.D in Religion (though without a published research requirement). While you do not need to become a Minister to perform the rituals, prepare and provide the Burnt Offering or the Wave Offering; it is encouraged for those who feel so moved. It is free to all. (Just click the link in the name and follow the directions).

This is a very informal congregation. You can be as formal, or not, as you feel matters to you. While I will be providing some examples of a suitable altar for preparing a Burnt Offering, any mode that works for you is fine. It is what is in your heart and mind that matters, not any particular facility or structure. Even a “tail gate BBQ” can be an altar. Simply pronounce it an Altar For Sacred Carbon, and proceed.

So enjoy your life in Carbon. Find times and places to be thankful for it, for the sun that moves it, for the energy and life it brings to you, and for all it does for you. Remember too, that life passes back to inanimate carbon, but it does not end forever. The Great Cycle of Carbon returns it to life once again. To take sequestered Sacred Carbon and liberate it back to the air, to once again enter life through plants, and from them on to life in animals, and us; that is the greatest sacrament of all.

Long life and happiness through the freedom of Sacred Carbon
and the energy of life which it brings to us all.

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  1. omanuel says:

    Masses of atoms are reported relative to the mass of the most abundant carbon isotope, C-12. Mass spectrometers measure atomic masses relative to the mass of a nearby hydrocarbon:

    1. In the “Cradle of the Nuclides”, the mass per nucleon (M/A) of the most abundant carbon isotope, C-12, is exactly 1.00000 : http://www.omatumr.com/Data/2000Data.htm

    2. In the “Chart of the Nuclides”, the mass of C-12 is exactly 12.00000 amu

    3. Aston’s “Nuclear Packing Fraction,” f = (M/A) – 1 = 0.00000, for C-12

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