Et tu Utu? Marduk AMAR.UTU

In the prior posting, we looked at the origin of the One God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the prior One God of ancient Egypt. Aten as the sun disk and/or Amun-Ra as the combined daytime visible solar presence and the unseen nighttime solar existence. Exploring the simple realization that “One God” was a preexisting concept in Egypt prior to the time when Moses lead the Exodus. That the conversion from worship of Baal to YHWH, the unseen One God, was consistent with a conversion to Amun or Amen as the unseen One God, both in time and in nature. (Early Jewish priestly paraphernalia also includes ‘sun’ imagery).

If we look back a bit further, back to Babylon, we find yet more “Sun God” and sun imagery.

Sun God and the Chaos Monster

Sun God and the Chaos Monster

Original image

The wiki captions this picture:

Marduk, sun god of Babylon, with his thunderbolts pursues Anzu after Anzu stole the Tablets of Destiny.

Which the wiki itself admonishes ought to be ‘The tablet of Destinies’… but who needs foolish consistency ;-)

Utu (Akkadian rendition of Sumerian UD 𒌓 “Sun”, Assyro-Babylonian Shamash “Sun”) is the Sun god in Sumerian mythology, the son of the moon god Nanna and the goddess Ningal. His brother and sisters are Ishkur and the twins Inanna and Ereshkigal.

Utu is the god of the sun, justice, application of law, and the lord of truth.
He is usually depicted as wearing a horned helmet and carrying a saw-edged weapon not unlike a pruning saw. It is thought that every day, Utu emerges from a mountain in the east, symbolizing dawn, and travels either via chariot or boat across the Earth, returning to a hole in a mountain in the west, symbolizing sunset. Every night, Utu descends into the underworld to decide the fate of the dead. He is also depicted as carrying a mace, and standing with one foot on a mountain. It’s symbol is “sun rays from the shoulders, and or sun disk or a saw”.

The sun god is only modestly mentioned in Sumerian mythology with one of the notable exceptions being the Epic of Gilgamesh. In the myth, Gilgamesh seeks to establish his name with the assistance of Utu, because of his connection with the cedar mountain. Gilgamesh and his father, Lugalbanda were kings of the first dynasty of Uruk, a lineage that Jeffrey H. Tigay suggested could be traced back to Utu himself. He further suggested that Lugalbanda’s association with the sun-god in the Old Babylonian version of the epic strengthened “the impression that at one point in the history of the tradition the sun-god was also invoked as an ancestor”.

Marduk is spelled AMAR.UTU in Sumerian, literally, “the calf of Utu” or “the young bull of the Sun”.

Marduk is seen frequently in Babylonian records where new kings would often claim that Marduk was wanting them to take over… Some things never change…

If you look around the ancient world, there are a great many “Sun Gods”.

This page has a very long list of ‘sun symbolism’:

From 9th century B.C. we have ‘the winged sun’, that shows up all over the ancient (and sometimes the modern) world:

Winged Sun 9th century B.C.

Winged Sun 9th century B.C.

The Hebrews too (though they feel compelled to discount the meaning):

From ca. the 8th century BC, it appears on Hebrew seals, by now as a generic symbol for “power”. One example is a seal where the winged sun is flanked by two Ankh symbols and a Hebrew inscription translating to “possession of Hezekiah, son of Ahaz, king of Juda”. Numerous pottery finds dating to the same time bear the symbol together with the inscription lemelekh “king’s [property]”.

Compare also Malachi 4:2, referring to a winged “Sun of righteousness”,

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings… (KJV)

As an aside, several Biblical stories have a remarkable similarity to Babylonian stores from much earlier. Noah and the Flood is largely Gilgamesh.

But all this just leaves the question of who borrowed what from whom…

The Hebrews “spent time” in Babylon. They also spent time in Egypt. Each of these had symbols and mythologies that show up in the later religious records of the Hebrews. Coincidence?

IMHO, it is mostly just showing that when in comes to people in the Levant and into Egypt: “They’ve Met”. There isn’t a lot of purity of culture in an area where the history is one of massive flowing of armies back and forth over the whole area. Kings and Pharaohs coming and going, religious shrines being torn down, and new ones put up (or just recycled…)

So is there some “common thread” that likely is behind this Sun Worship stuff?

I think the answer is yes. That hidden Creator Force / One God. We see images of a sun, and think they were literally worshiping the physical sun. Yet we forget that most religion is just chock full of symbols and allegory. The sun is a vehicle through which the One God creation and One God creator force flows to the rest of the solar system. To recognize that it is a great power, and dramatically important to life, is to recognize that fact.

Look again at that list of attributes for Utu.
“Utu is the god of the sun, justice, application of law, and the lord of truth.”

Anyone really think that hot ball of light in the sky shouts out “lord of truth”? Or “application of law”?

This is symbology. Nobody was confused and thinking that the physical sun was walking around on the planet in the form of a human being. They were projecting human attributes onto a symbol. One that was based on the physical manifestation of the real power of the universe, from creation to the birth of new life and powering our existence. The thing being praised “as God” was not a humanized sun, nor even the physical sun, but the embodiment of the power of creation as it flows through that sun, and to us.

We, then, pick up that same power via plants and the animals that eat plants and that same process, the power of the creator, flows into us and into our lives via the vehicle of carbon. So say carbon is sacred, or that the sun is sacred, is different from saying they ARE a humanoid god. It is my belief that where we have “got it wrong” is that we are seeing the ancient symbols of the sun, and even references to a Sun God, as literal, when they are symbolic. Ancient religions were full of “mystery teachings”, where the “top message” was often a very simple “dumbed down” version. Occasionally even a deliberately misleading one. So now, with a few bits of stone, or some carvings in clay, or a story on a tablet, we expect to “get it” on the entire package of a Mystery Teaching? When very often the most sacred wisdom is specifically NOT to be written down, and never to be given out to the masses?

It just looks like we are buying the ‘top story’ and not seeing the wisdom behind things. The unification of understanding. Those ancients were just as bright as we are today. They “got it” that the sun powers the world. They knew that there was some deeper creation that they could not see, nor explain (nor BTW, can we, today – just where did ‘The Big Bang’ come from? What was before it?…) So they recognized that there was a creator force / God that made all this happen. They also recognized that the means of delivery of that creation and power to us was via the Sun, and that our lives depended on it. Not exactly a ‘hard call’ to say a few words in favor of the power of the Sun. Yet it clearly also is far more than “hot ball of gas”. Justice? Truth? Those are the properties of the deeper mysteries.

This sun symbology carries forward into Christianity and Judaism even to today.

Unfortunately, when it comes to religion, the emphasis is often on fracturing and dividing, not on integrating and synthesizing. Finding reasons to reject, not to embrace. So the example pages here will have a negative tone. Asserting it is an evil thing. To me, it is not an evil thing at all. It is seeing the true roots of our origins and recognizing that the actual flows of energy and truth were known from long ago.

So, were the symbols reused just from familiarity? As an “homage” to the prior beliefs? As a “mystery teaching” recognizing the foundation of reality? Or just without even thinking? Does it really matter?

Personally, I find the “unification” that comes from the realization of the common root of several major religions in one truth to be an energizing and liberating thing. There are simple reasons why these then get treated as fractious, but that doesn’t me we must do so.

Take, for example, the Bible clearly saying that Baal was to be rejected and YHWH was to be worshiped without idols. Does that mean The Sun is now The Devil? Or just that perhaps there was an effort to get folks to look beyond the symbols of the Creator Force, and see that the “unseen” was the real God? To look one more ‘connection’ up stream.

Baal, also rendered Baʿal (Biblical Hebrew בעל, pronounced [ˈbaʕal]), is a Northwest Semitic title and honorific meaning “master” or “lord” that is used for various gods who were patrons of cities in the Levant and Asia Minor, cognate to Akkadian Bēlu. A Baalist or Baalite means a worshipper of Baal.

“Baʿal” can refer to any god and even to human officials. In some texts it is used for Hadad, a god of the rain, thunder, fertility and agriculture, and the lord of Heaven. Since only priests were allowed to utter his divine name, Hadad, Ba‛al was commonly used. Nevertheless, few if any Biblical uses of “Baʿal” refer to Hadad, the lord over the assembly of gods on the holy mount of Heaven, but rather refer to any number of local spirit-deities worshipped as cult images, each called baʿal and regarded in the Hebrew Bible in that context as a “false god”.

The Baal cult provided the greatest and most enduring threat to the exclusive worship of Yahweh among ancient Israelites.

Many of those “local spirit-deities” were “Sun Gods”. In short, we are back at the struggle between Aten – the visible sun disk; and Amun / Amen – the unseen.

The ancient Hebrews were trying to get folks to look beyond the visible, and into the deeper mystery.

So this link starts off with the creation of an ‘identity’ of sun=devil and then rails against various uses of a “Sun Symbol” by Jews. But what if the Sun does not equal the Devil? What if the sun is just a manifestation of The Creator Force and you don’t need to demonize the Creation nor the flow of Life Energy to get folks to look a bit deeper into the mysteries of the universe? Maybe then having a bit of Sun Symbol isn’t such an evil thing. Just a recognition of the “roots” of the wisdom in the ancient Amun-Ra / Aten / Amen / Utu / {whatever} recognition that the One God made all this stuff and the sun is a very important part of the machinery that is used to get our life force to us. Doesn’t take anything away from YHWH to recognize how the deed is done.

It’s all about the hats

The kipa is one of Judaism’s most sacred items. A man can not go into a synagogue to worship God without one. Many believers, both Jewish and Gentile, wear the kipa to identify with the Jewish People. This is why I wore one for 14 years. It was more of a need on my part, because I saw it as what religious Jews were supposed to look like. But the Holy Spirit led me to see its pagan origin and symbolism, and I removed it.

We are to be an example to our People in the Way that they should go (Jeremiah 15:19). Where is any biblical basis for the wearing of the kipa? I have no problem with the woman’s head covering for modesty and submission to authority, or a man wearing a hat, etc., but the kipa is different. It is a religious symbol in and of itself. And what it symbolizes I have come to see is the sun, the sun god, and his followers. The sun god is none other than Satan himself. (1) We have no place with them even if it means ‘separating’ from what our People think. For they are to follow us, not us them. We are to walk in His Truth.

There is no place in Scripture to imply that the Jewish People had the kipa at the time of Moses or King David or Ezra. It is certainly a Jewish tradition but it has no biblical basis, and it is of pagan origin. If one says that the kipa is like the bonnet (KJV: Exodus 39:28, etc.), or the hat that Yahveh gave to the priests, I would ask for a reference that describes the bonnet to be a kipa. For the burden of proof resides upon the one doing the tradition: why do you do what you do? What biblical basis do you have? For if you do not have a biblical basis then you are walking in a tradition. It is very important to understand where the tradition comes from. For if it is of pagan origin, we must have nothing to do with it. If it is not, and it enhances Scriptures, then it is alright.

My question is: ‘Does the kipa symbolize submission to the God of Israel or to the sun god, Satan?’ And if to the God of Israel, then we must be able to substantiate our claim with Scripture. If a man wants to wear a turban, fine. But God never commanded it for anyone in Israel except Aaron the High Priest and his sons. Turbans today take on a form of identification, as to if one is a Moslem, and from what country. Just by the color or the way it is wrapped. But just because they wear them, I don’t see the turban itself as pagan. The turban does not contain within itself a religious symbolic meaning. But not so with the kipa.

It goes on from there at some length.

Along the way, the root of things is chased back to hair cuts, and the admonition not to cut the hair into the form that was used by the sun worshipers.

In memory of that, he was lamented with bitter weeping every year, as ‘Rosh-Gheza,’ ‘the mutilated Prince.’ But ‘Rosh-Gheza’ also signified the ‘clipped or shaved head.’ Therefore he was himself represented either with the one or the other form of tonsure; and his priests, for the same reason, at their ordination had their heads either clipped or shaven.

Over all the world, where the traces of the Chaldean system are found, this tonsure or shaving of the head is always found along with it. The priests of Osiris, the Egyptian Bacchus, were always distinguished by the shaving of their heads. In Pagan Rome, in India, and even in China, the distinguishing mark of the Babylonian priesthood was the shaven head. Thus Gautama Buddha, who lived at least 540 years before Christ, when setting up the sect of Buddhism in India which spread to the remotest regions of the East, first shaved his own head, in obedience, as he pretended, to a Divine command, and then set to work to get others to imitate his example.

The circular head cover is, supposedly, a recapitulation of the round hair cut, that is an homage to the Sun God.

So is that really evil, or just recognizing a subtle shift from a “top story” to a “mystery teaching” that YHWH is “the God behind the curtain” of Ba’al and Utu and Ra?

The Christians have a very similar set of critics as the Vatican has kept a large number of Sun Symbols from prior eras.

Above is a Roman coin from the 3rd century A.D. (Probus, A.D. 276-282) which on the reverse depicts the pagan sun god driving a chariot drawn by four horses (Sol in Quadriga). The inscription reads SOLI INVICTO – The Invincible Sun.]

At right is a similar mosaic found in the Vatican grottoes under St. Peter’s Basilica, on the vaulted ceiling of the tomb of the Julii (also known as “Mausoleum M”). It depicts Christ as the sun-god Helios / Sol riding in his chariot, and is dated to the 3rd century A.D. The two left horses were destroyed when the hole was made to enter the tomb. Other mosaics in this Christian tomb depicted Jonah and the whale, the good shepherd carrying a lamb, and fishermen. This blending of paganism with Christianity is syncretism, and apostasy.
The Symbols of Baal, Ishtar and Shamash

Below is an artifact unearthed in the holy of holies of the pagan temple in the Canaanite city of Hatzor / Hazor, in northern Israel. It is described as follows:

“Of special interest is a square basalt altar for burning incense. On one of its sides, a circle with a cross in the center – the divine symbol of the Canaanite storm god – is carved in low relief.”

“… a basalt offering table, pillar-shaped, with a carved symbol of the storm god Baal on its side. That symbol was a circle with a cross in the center”
Here is a photo of the papal palace with the pope at the window of his apartment. Note the many eight-pointed stars of Ishtar in the decorative work above the windows. Some are within a darker circle.
Pope John Paul II, at World Youth Day 2000, was wearing a crimson and gold stole, which bears the symbols of Baal / Shamash within an eight-pointed star of Ishtar. An enlargement is shown below.
Pope Pius XII wearing the same stole.

And so it goes…

Eventually they too get to the little round hats as sun symbols and a wander down Tonsure leads to similar ends.

Two sidebar links:

That one has a interesting insight on Greek vs Hebrew linguistic forms and thinking styles. (Don’t know how true it is, though).

Is an online archive of a whole lot of stuff… Be prepared to lose a day or two, especially if you start reading about Rosy Crosses ;-)

Back at the main line:

Also has a load of “Papal as Pagan” complaints.

The first thing you might notice is that “Truth” stands with her foot on a globe of the earth, symbolizing her power over the globe. Then looking closer you will see that she clutches in her arms the sun, probably symbolizing that the Truth will be revealed in time, by the light of day.

Historically, pagan Babylon worshipped the sun as a deity, and pagan Rome also worshipped the invincible sun. The Roman Catholic Church, with the assistance of Caesar (Constantine), changed the day of worship from Sabbath to the Sun Day and commonly uses images and symbols of the sun. In the following articles we will examine the many pagan sunburst images used by the Catholic Church in various forms of art.

So why have all that heartache and acrimony? Why not just recognize that the sun IS part of creation. That the sun IS the ‘energy carrier’ from the One Invisible God / Creator Force and on to the rest of us in our carbon based life?

What’s so bad about that?

The use of such “iconography” by the Catholics then leads to the Muslims calling THEM idolators and evil, and that whole cycle of division and rejection ramps up some more.

Yet, at the core of it all, at the taproot of history, YHWH comes from the same religious roots in Amen. The Unseen God Force behind the Aten sun disk.

To me, it looks like one heck of a lot of divisiveness and acrimony circling around what ought to be a simple unifying truth. There was a moment of creation, we don’t know how the miracle was made to be so we call it God or YWHW or Ba’al or whatever, we know that the product of that creation is a heaven full of stars, just like our sun, and we know that the Life Force in our bodies comes from that creation moment and via that Sun.

Isn’t it really more appropriate to just recognize those realities, and be a little more inclusive? To say that having some symbols of things created is “OK too”, and maybe folks ought to look a bit more upstream to the “unseen” Amen / YHWH to see “The God behind the curtain” of Aten / Ra?

In Conclusion

So that’s my sermon for this week.

Be accepting of others, even if they wear a funny hat or cut their hair oddly.

Be accepting of those who can’t quite see past the image to the meaning behind the symbols.

Recognize that at some point in our travels through life, each of us has been the person on the “wrong” side of that Mystery Wisdom Teaching.

And maybe wearing a nice little round hat, even one that reminds of the sun, or even one that ‘connects’ back to a sun worship of 4000 years ago via a pretty star or circle on it, can be OK.

In short: Don’t over think things. See what is real and in front of you; and see what powers it and makes it work. But you don’t need to be ‘unnecessarily complicating things’ with made up problems.

Sometimes a picture of a man labeled “Sun God” isn’t a literal God but a symbol of other meanings and, maybe sometimes; “A hat is just a hat”…

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18 Responses to Et tu Utu? Marduk AMAR.UTU

  1. omanuel says:

    Great sermon!

    The powerful Sun has been a threat to human grandiosity, ego- and geo-centricity since the time Copernicus found evidence Earth orbits a powerful fountain of energy at the center of the Solar System in 1543. Thus, Galileo was forced to defend himself at trail ninety years later, in 1633, by claiming the Copernican structure of the Solar System is simply the Divine order that other persistent observers could decipher.

    Over my career, measurements and observations from the Nuclear and Space Age agree with Galileo’s defense argument: The Sun is the creator, preserver and destroyer of atoms, lives and worlds in the Solar System.

    I am personally convinced that the RTG (reality, truth, God) realized by scientific experimentation, observation, contemplation, measurements and reason is the same RTG (reality, truth, God) that our forefathers realized by meditation, contemplation, and prayer.

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Glad you liked it Oliver!

    There is an objective reality.
    There is an objective truth.
    There is an unseen creator force, call it God, or not. It still is.

    Doesn’t matter what kind of hat is worn, either…

  3. Jason Calley says:

    Yes, very good sermon!

    I was struck by your first illustration, “Sun God and the Chaos Monster.” Is it just me, or do the objects being held by the Sun God resemble Tibetan dorjes?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jason Calley:

    Does look kind of like one, but the one in hand is more like a spear / trident where the Tibetan one has fingers curled as grasping at something…

  5. omanuel says:

    The personality (violent resentments) of neutrons in the cores of stars is well depicted by the Hindu goddess, Kali:

  6. David says:

    On true monotheism and historic understanding…

    EM, I think your perspective of the historic populations understanding of symbology is well noted. Paramahansa Yogananda commented that even the unlettered peasants of India understand the dieties as representing different aspects of an infinite one divinity.

    One hindu name for the divine is “Iswara” is sanskrit for “Light” and rule…a name for God as Ruler of the universe; from the root Is, to rule. There are 108 names for God in the Hindu scriptures, each one carrying a different shade of philisophic meaning (These all refer to different aspects of the divine, from the unmanifested “darkless dark, lightless light” through the finer forces of thought itself, to finer then atomic energies, to the coarsest manifestation of the material world.) India teaches that the unmanifested infinite, is obscured by maya (lit “to measure”) Paramahansa Yogananda wrote of this …”The ancient Vedic scriptures declare that the physical world operates under one fundamental law of maya, the principle of relativity and duality. God, the Sole Life, is an Absolute Unity; He cannot appear as the separate and diverse manifestations of a creation except under a false or unreal veil. That cosmic illusion is maya. Every great scientific discovery of modern times has served as a confirmation of this simple pronouncement of the rishis.

    Newton’s Law of Motion is a law of maya: “To every action there is always an equal and contrary reaction; the mutual actions of any two bodies are always equal and oppositely directed.” Action and reaction are thus exactly equal. “To have a single force is impossible. There must be, and always is, a pair of forces equal and opposite.”

    Fundamental natural activities all betray their mayic origin. Electricity, for example, is a phenomenon of repulsion and attraction; its electrons and protons are electrical opposites. Another example: the atom or final particle of matter is, like the earth itself, a magnet with positive and negative poles. The entire phenomenal world is under the inexorable sway of polarity; no law of physics, chemistry, or any other science is ever found free from inherent opposite or contrasted principles.

    Physical science, then, cannot formulate laws outside of maya, the very texture and structure of creation. Nature herself is maya; natural science must perforce deal with her ineluctable quiddity. In her own domain, she is eternal and inexhaustible; future scientists can do no more than probe one aspect after another of her varied infinitude. Science thus remains in a perpetual flux, unable to reach finality; fit indeed to formulate the laws of an already existing and functioning cosmos, but powerless to detect the Law Framer and Sole Operator. The majestic manifestations of gravitation and electricity have become known, but what gravitation and electricity are, no mortal knoweth.

    To surmount maya was the task assigned to the human race by the millennial prophets. To rise above the duality of creation and perceive the unity of the Creator was conceived of as man’s highest goal. Those who cling to the cosmic illusion must accept its essential law of polarity: flow and ebb, rise and fall, day and night, pleasure and pain, good and evil, birth and death. This cyclic pattern assumes a certain anguishing monotony, after man has gone through a few thousand human births; he begins to cast a hopeful eye beyond the compulsions of maya.

    To tear the veil of maya is to pierce the secret of creation. The yogi who thus denudes the universe is the only true monotheist.

  7. E.M.Smith says:


    Remarkably poetic…

    I’m also surprised to find my beliefs being oddly aligned with those of India. I’ve not studied their religion much. (Once you hit the 108 names / aspects thing, it’s suddenly oddly attractive to have One God, and with only a 4 letter name at that ;-)

    There is so much wisdom in the Veda’s, yet they are written in such an untidy and overly complicated way. I wondered how much of that was an artifact of translation to English, so looked into learning Sanskrit… which, it turns out, is horridly complicated in itself. (More case endings, genders, moods, and such than any language needs…). So at that point I decided it was likely and artifact both of Sanskrit, and of the kind of mind that writes long complicated things IN Sanskrit ;-) and just pushed back from that ‘mind dining table’ for a while… that turned into several decades…

    I still have the feeling there’s a lot of stuff hiding in the Vedas, but I have only one life and it would take more than I have left to sort them all out. Sigh.

    Yet there is this feeling that “in a prior life” I once understood them. Irrational, but there it is. Like your description of the duality of forces of nature. Not something I’d not “thought through” but something where I have the “but of course” reaction… I have this ill formed belief, for example, that we are all parts of one big whole of consciousness. That perhaps we separate out from it to explore some aspect of existence, then ‘report back’ with our learnings on expiration. Probably due to various “odd” experiences. “Remote Viewing” that worked “good enough”. Modestly accurate Déjà vu (though only about once a year, and then only about a 20 second ‘glimpse’). Some spooky cases of family telepathy. (One where I deliberately didn’t tell my folks when I would be coming home from another State to test this… and when I got home they had dinner waiting for me…) And more “odd things”.

    Then I hear second hand descriptions of the Vedas and things like souls cycling and all things being part of one whole of creation and connected and it “has explanatory power”…

    One of my regrets, now, being that I didn’t learn Sanskrit back 40 years ago when it would have been easier and more useful… (It was a toss up between it, Russian, and German. I got a decent enough grade in German, and gave up on Russian with one class, while not even trying Sanskrit after looking up the linguistics of it and the alphabets involved.) Oh Well…

    Maybe in another life… or as another life ;-)

    Still, I find that common understanding nagging. That there is One Creator Force, and if flows through all of us…

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    EMSmith says; “Still, I find that common understanding nagging. That there is One Creator Force, and if flows through all of us…”

    That is not a nagging thought. That is a fundamental Truth. The soul of the universe is GOD. Every thing has soul, an EMF signature of it’s existence. Physics and psychics spring from the same place. As we are a part of the whole we have some hint or knowledge of it’s existence.
    Those that are educated look for complex answers, Those of us that are simple minded look for simple answers. If you listen closely, your past, present and future selves will give you the answers to your questions. Be careful, as you may not like what you hear. Most people prefer to remain ignorant and are guided by wishful thinking.

  9. E.M.Smith says:


    What was ‘nagging’ about it was that it is nagging me to actually read the Vedas… reminding me of ‘unfinished business’…

    I’ve noticed that about people. Even given it a name. “The Incredible Power Of Stupid”. Both the extent of it, and the odd desire for it. So many people actively engaged in gathering more stupid to themselves so as to avoid “uncomfortable thoughts”. People prefer a feel good non-answer to an uncomfortable truth; and generally hate unanswered uncomfortable questions.

    That leads to things like just doing what the Imam said to do. No need to think, to question, to ask “Is this right?”. Just blind obedience. Similarly blind obedience to The Church or The Pope or… it’s all a quest for peace from the uncomfortable nature of intelligence and thought. Taking refuge in the Incredible Power Of Stupid.

    The worst thing you can tell some folks, in response to a question like “Is a cheeseburger kosher or not?” would be “You must decide.” Almost as bad would be “The Bible says ‘no milk with meat’, and cheese is a milk product, but not milk. It could go either way.” Then there’s “Well, I think cheese is not milk and does not have the health risks of raw milk on raw meat, so ought to be OK, but Rabbi FOO doesn’t agree.” They just want The Answer, as that’s simple and comfortable. “Just tell me what to do!”… It’s hell if you tell them “there is no answer”; from their point of view.

    Frankly, at that point, I really like the Buddhist approach. A whack with a rattan cane and “Mu!” that roughly means “the question is ill formed”; in other words “Go back and try again and either figure it out for yourself or realize you are asking a silly question.” There are far too many silly ill formed questions that have been given Authoritative Answers, and led to generations of wars and conflict over them. IMHO, most of the denominational divisions rest on some of them.

  10. p.g.sharrow says:

    Ah yes, “Just tell me what to do”. is the song that I hear from time to time and I just have to say ” I can not do that, It is not allowed”. I can offer advice, wisdom and knowledge. I do not know the path you must follow. Only you know the signposts of your path. Déjà vu visions are a good indicator of where you will be at that point. A clue as to the direction you will follow. How you get there is up to you. Not much comfort for those that are lazy of mind. On the other hand, “the beasts of the field” have lived that way for hundreds of millions of years. They evolved slowly, as needed. Survival of the fittest is good enough for those that are lazy of mind.
    We, are in a hurry and are pushing our own body and soul evolution, the evolution of “That Which Is” as well. There are those that look at the mass of humanity and say we are devolving due to the increase in the amount of stupid but actually the numbers of the best are also increasing and because of World Wide Communication and movement can find one another. This is the start of the New Era. A time for new foundations. pg

  11. omanuel says:

    @ et al. The physical universe is consistent with both science and spirituality:

    The Creator, Destroyer & Preserver of atoms, worlds and lives in the Solar System is a continuous chain of cause and effect triggered by neutron-repulsion and -emission from the Sun’s pulsar core [1].

    Measurements show that the pulsar made and still controls [2,3] every atom in the Solar System !

    In that sense everything in the Solar System in connected, as Apollo Astronaut – Dr. Edgar Mitchell ( and medical neurologist – Dr. Eben Alexander ( have independently concluded.

    – Oliver K. Manuel

    PS – Those who decided on 24 Oct 1945 to rule mankind and hide the energy source that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki bit off more than they can digest. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as the world’s most powerful souls come face-to-face with their Creator.

    [1] “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012):

    [2] D. Javorsek II, et al., “Study of nuclear decays during a solar eclipse: Thule Greenland 2008,” Astrophysics and Space Science 342, 9-13 (2012):

    [3] Jere H. Jenkins, et al., “Additional experimental evidence for a solar influence on nuclear decay rates,” Astroparticle Physics 37, 81-88 (2012):

  12. David says:

    E.M says…”Like your description of the duality of forces of nature. Not something I’d not “thought through” but something where I have the “but of course” reaction…”

    Such a reaction as you descibe, I had when I read the book which contains the quote you called remarkably poetic. I am not given to hyberbol, but I literally got chills up and down my spine every chapter, sometime three to four a page! The book is actually used in comparative religion classrooms around the world, and published yearly in over a dozen languages. One quote from an early review stated “those who come to scoff, may stay to pray” That book, readily available, is “Autobiography of a Yogi” It is indeed “remarkable” well written, with superb and entertaining footnotes. Even if you think; can this be true?, you will find yourself wishing it was. It is satisfactory indeed, to the head, and the heart..

  13. David says:

    PG I like your optimism, which appears to be based on more then wishfull thinking.
    Oliver, although I find you very one tracked, I like your track.. (-;

  14. E.M.Smith says:

    @P.G. Sharrow:

    On your point: Most of my Deja Vu experiences have been a kind of precognition. On a couple of occasions I’ve done “directed precognition” with decent results. I’d get 5 second ‘glimpses’ of a place, then, days or weeks later, there it would be… Unfortunately, not enough to be usable for anything since the context was missing in the ‘glimpse’. (Was that pretty ocean view because you were hiking on the mountain, or trying to keep the car from the cliff?…)

    I’m currently working to deliberately NOT push my development… and seem to be going faster as a result… Odd that… ;-)


    Oh Dear! Yet more to read and with ever less time in which to complete it… Oh Well… I’ll just add it to the list and ‘press on’! ;-)

    I do wish that early in life I’d been given a “wisdom reading list”. I could have avoided a lot of wasted time on things that are crap… Unfortunately, most of the “Recommended Reading” is full of academic driven crap that isn’t really as useful. Yes, Marcus Aurelius is a great read, but so much other is just… pointless. Reading Plato The Republic is more “OMG” than enlightenment. (There’s a section on eugenics… yes, it’s that old a ‘bright idea of the aristocracy’…)

    Maybe in my next life…

  15. N.E. says:

    While researching names for giving to my newborn sun (pun intended), I came across this article or sermon.

    As an admirer of ancient Kemetic and Sumerian history, I found your words interesting, humorous, and informative. Good reading for some who to this day doubt the connection of modern day religions to the ancient sun acknowledgements of our world.


  16. maridur says:

    I have found through research that Marduk is the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. He is the origin of the one true God that has many names. I found your work insightful. But there is more to his story that has been lost to time and space. Wonderful summation. I am truly grateful for the story.

  17. omanuel says:

    Unreported CHAOS and FEAR in late August 1945 convinced world leaders to forbid public knowledge of the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of every atom, life and world in the solar system.

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

    Click to access Creator_Destroyer_Sustainer_of_Life.pdf

    Zero is an upper limit on the chance these wannabe tyrants will successfully hide the Sun God:

    Click to access Preprint_Solar_Energy.pdf

  18. p.g.sharrow says:

    In the realm of psychic, time is a weak thing. Everything in time is more or less now. Nostradamus was able to add the time context by using Astrology configurations in his mindset preparations for “viewings”. Intel agencies that use ‘viewing” also use mindset “intent” to establish time and place. There must be a “mind” that creates the images to be viewed, even if it is you, before you can “listen in”. A mind “broadcast” that you can tune in on. A disciplined mind is very important, otherwise you just get noise, Kind of like all the radio and TV channels on at once! Most very young learn to block it out totally for life. A few figure out how to listen in without losing their own grasp on reality. Nostradamus seems to have had some training from his maternal grandfather. Among the ancient peoples, those with talent were trained to make best use of their abilities. Some of the modern religions have tried to eradicate that knowledge and it’s use. If the general population learned the truth about this field, their hierarchy would lose all money and power.
    We Don’t Need Them! They have no control over heaven or hell, no inside track with GOD. Like all good politicians they just preach and sell fear. We don’t need them. pg

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