Welcome to The Church Of The Sacred Carbon

We are just now in the formation process.   Our general belief is that there is a Creator Force that created the universe (be it as Personalized God or a generalized Force Of Nature) and that the Creator made all the universe about us, including the laws of nature.

Those physical laws led to the formation of the Sun and other stars.  Those stars then created all the material needed for life including the formation of Carbon (that has an especially stable nuclear structure, so is one of the preferentially formed atoms).

This Sacred Carbon is then spread through the universe in giant Nova and Super Nova events, there to form all the building blocks of life.

Carbon Based Life then arises, according to the Laws made by the Creator, eventually growing to become all living things on Earth, including us.  We are children of the Sacred Carbon.   Children of the Sun.  And Children of the Creator.

We embrace this basic understanding:  That Carbon Based Life is the only life we know (though a Creator might well have made some other forms of life in other parts of the universe) and that Carbon is Sacred to life.  We must have Carbon to live.  We release Carbon to the air as Carbon Dioxide so that plants might live.  They put that Carbon into food so that we may live.  There is a virtuous Cycle Of Carbon, of which all life as we know it is a part.   Thus Carbon is Sacred.

The Creator created use from Carbon, and we live only from the graces of The Carbon Cycle as made by the Creator.

Nothing in our beliefs answers the mystery of the basic nature of the Creator.   That is left for individuals to explore as a personal voyage of exploration.  One may hold that the Judeo-Christian vision of a personalized God is the correct understanding of the nature of the Creator, or one may hold that the Creator Force is a fundamental creative force of the universe originating in The Big Bang, or one may hold that the Creator is multi-headed and manifests in the pantheon of the Hindu or the Ancient Greeks or just as the Pantheon Of Nature of the Druids.

It is not up to us to put limits on how an omnipotent Creator might choose to work or manifest.   We are inclusive of any individual beliefs that are not in conflict with our core beliefs:  That life is sacred.  That the Creator, however you view that entity, created Carbon based life on Earth.  That Carbon is central to our existence and our very lives.  That the Sun powers our Carbon Cycle here on earth (via processes like plant growth and water cycle).  And that without Sacred Carbon, free in the world, powered by the Sun, formed by the Creator:  life here would not exist.

For all these reasons, we believe in the central importance of the hierarchy of: the Creator, the Stars, the Sun, the Carbon, and life itself.  Any of these may be a suitable subject for study and worship.  Individuals may focus their attention in any particular area, such as the nature of the Creator studied by Jews and Christians in some depth, or the nature of the natural world studied by Druids and natural scientists; and not be in conflict with our study and doctrines here.  Our focus will be on Carbon and Life, though we may explore other areas from time to time.   To that end, we are The Church Of The Sacred Carbon.

Our primary rituals will be detailed in further postings.  They are based loosely on a long tradition in the Bible of “offerings” to the Creator.  There is a “burnt offering” and a “wave offering”.   Each must contain carbon derived from life.   The Burnt Offering is prepared in many ways (as suits your ability and needs) and may consist of animal flesh or plants.  It is placed over a heat source and lightly ‘burnt’.  (Preferred is an Altar burning pure and natural wood, but other carbon sources are acceptable depending on your needs and facilities.  Charcoal, natural gas, etc.  As much of our electricity comes form Carbon sources, if no direct Carbon is available for release, electric heat may be used a it is largely Carbon by proxy.)

The Wave Offering is to be a carbon based beverage.  Wine or “hop wine” (even very light hop wine commonly called ‘beer’) is acceptable as a Wave Offering.   Sugar based beverages may also be used as a Wave Offering as can any natural juice of a living plant; or even milk as it, too, contains Sacred Carbon.

The basic weekly service is centered around the preparation of a Burnt Offering and a Wave Offering, then the sharing of this offering in communion with others; both believers and others as we are all one in Carbon based life regardless of beliefs.

The Sacred Carbon is to be released from bondage into the air and liberating the energy of life in the process.  This heat energy creates the Holy Burnt Offering and the released Carbon as Carbon Dioxide can return to the plant world to create more life.   Then a pronouncement of thanks to the Creator and / or thanks to Carbon for this gift of life and the bounty of nature.  (Exact wording and content can be customized as suitable to each person and place.)   Finally the communion in life and Carbon as the body of the Burnt Offering and the Wave Offering is shared by the attendees.

“Praise be to Carbon, foundation of life, giver of health and happiness!”

There are our basic foundation beliefs and guidance.

“Church Of The Sacred Carbon” (c) and “Sacred Carbon Church” (c) are copyright of The Church Of The Scared Carbon and its founder, E.M.Smith.  Folks may use it to describe their own services as long as they register here as a follower, get permission to use the name, and if ministering to others, become an ordained Minister.

I am Ordained a legal Minister, but have not yet incorporated the Sacred Carbon Church nor The Church Of The Sacred Carbon (there are some religious doctrine issues to sort out – since a corporation is a creation of The State, and The Church as a body of believers is a creation of the Creator, how can one have two masters?…)

So until such time as those legalities are worked out, folks wishing to become a Minister of The Church Of The Sacred Carbon need to be ordained by a formal body.  In particular, we like the Universal Life Church (where I am ordained) as they encourage folks to explore and find their own religious path.  So folks desiring a more formal service, or ministry to others, should take the free ordainment here:  http://www.ulcseminary.org/ordination.php.  They can also provide credentials and guidance as to the legalities of ministry and things like which states require registration to perform marriages, for example.

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About E.M.Smith

A technical managerial sort interested in things from Stonehenge to computer science. My present "hot buttons' are the mythology of Climate Change and ancient metrology; but things change...
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9 Responses to Welcome to The Church Of The Sacred Carbon

  1. p.g.sharrow says:

    I am pleased, In fact DELIGHTED! A “Wave Offering” to this beginning.
    Rev. Phillip Gordon Sharrow. 8-) pg
    “Praise be to Carbon, foundation of life, giver of health and happiness!”

  2. EM – I think I won’t become an ordained minister. It seems a bit OTT considering my religious leanings – or not. I will however continue with the rituals.

  3. Sera says:

    I’m here.

  4. DirkH says:

    I realize I have been worshipping the creator all my life through consumption of Cola and Beer, and continue to this day. Count me in.

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  6. omanuel says:

    The Creator is also the Destroyer and the Sustainer of atoms, lives, and worlds:


    World leaders collectively attempted to hide the Destroyer of Hiroshima and inadvertently lost the ability to promote the general welfare of society.


  7. E.M.Smith says:


    Welcome! Do remember, though, that it isn’t just consumption, it is the awareness of the cycle of life and the central role of carbon in that cycle.

  8. p.g.sharrow says:

    Blessed be Carbon. The foundation of all life! May GOD shower blessings on those of The Church of Carbon. ;-) The old year ends today and tomorrow brings the start of the next. Seasons greetings and a wave offering to all. pg

  9. p.g.sharrow says:

    The cycle of seasons progresses, Spring has sprung and the days are longer then the nights.
    May the Great Spirit that fills the Universe bless all with health and happiness. pg

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